Other Charitable Programs

VA Holiday Luncheon:

Each year a group of LSC volunteers sponsors a holiday luncheon for the staff and patients of the mental health floor at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Central Phoenix. This is a highlight for staff and patients each year. Along with the LSC volunteers, a group of active duty Airman participate in the luncheon and visit with the patients. This event also results in a large donation to the Snack Pantry for the mental health floor.

Ronald McDonald House Apartment:

The Luke Spouses' Club sponsors an apartment at the Roanoke Ronald McDonald House in downtown Phoenix.
The Roanoke Ronald McDonald House provides affordable, temporary housing for up to 45 families with ill or injured children every night. The Luke Spouses' Club sponsors a fully furnished special suite for children with suppressed immune systems. The space is made up of a bathroom, bedroom, living room with sofa-sleeper, and a fully stocked kitchen so that these very sick children do not need to be in public spaces.  

Last updated March 16th, 2020

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